Dec 14, 2012

"Christmas Escape Toy" released

My new room escape game progress is around 35-40% now.

Apart from that, I released other new Christmas room escape game "Christmas Escape Toy ".
I hope you will enjoy playing :)

Jan 6, 2012

New Year's greetings

Happy New Year 2012!

Sorry for a long time without updating, just recently I'm planning a new room and trying to think up ideas for game.

New game making will take time as you know, but I'll do my best for making something good, please wait patiently.
If there is some progress, I'll inform here.

I hope this year will be a peaceful and great year for you all.

Best wishes :)


Mar 17, 2011

To people worrying about us

Thank you for your concern and kind message.
My family and I are safe, near Tokyo.

But the earthquake and tsunami had caused tremendous damage and suffering to East North Japan.
Now many people are making every possible effort to cope with the difficulties.

We really appreciate your warm encouragement and all international support.
Thank you.