Dec 14, 2008

Nov 26, 2008

Christmas Escape

Now, mini room escape game "Christmas Escape (2007)" is playable and I'm making "Christmas Escape 2".
(I hope I can finish this until 12.24...)
Please wait some :)

Oct 21, 2008

Two mini games

I added two mini game to Neutral's top title flash.
Two game is "The tower of chicks" and "'Mini escape game".
(two game appears at random)
I think you'll more enjoy the mini escape game if you play "The tower of chicks" first, because the escape game is intimately related to it.
P.S. I put a pumpkin at escape room, but the game isn't related to Halloween ;)

Jun 24, 2008

New escape game "Switch"

I released new escape game "Switch".
"Switch" is easy and simple room escape game.

This time, you are in the orange dim room having kid's toys.
Seek and use hidden items and escape.