Jun 2, 2009

New room escape game "Lights"

I released new room escape game "Lights".
Let's escape from this skylit room by finding items and solving riddles.

*English: http://neutralxe.net/esc/r2.html
*Japanese: http://neutralx0.net/escape/r2.html
*Chinese: http://neutralxc.net/esc/r2.html

May 16, 2009

New room is coming soon.

I will be able to release new room escape game on around early June.
(I hope I can release it on June 1st.)
Preliminary announcement page is here.

This room is temporarily named "Sunny Room", I am searching shorter name of one word.

I'm working hard now, please wait a little more :)

Mar 29, 2009

I am maiking new room.

Sorry to keep you waiting for new escape game.
Due to health reasons I couldn't make flash recently.
Now I'm well and making a new room.
Please wait some :)